Important Phone Numbers and Policy Information

Off-Campus Housing- Preparation List

Student and Landlord Responsibilities

Utility Transfer Information

Standard List of Charges

Recycling Guidelines for Lancaster City

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring Pets?

ESA and  Service Animals are not considered pets and will be permitted only with the approval from the college before the animal can be brought on site.  Pet waste must be managed in a responsible manner.  All indoor pets (cats, rabbits, etc) will need to have litter trays regularly cleaned.   Outside pet waste needs to be removed immediately on each occurrence and properly disposed of. Other pets are not permitted in any James Street Property unless prior approval from the college.   This includes fish tanks, turtles, birds, gerbils, etc.  If any animal is found on the premises without prior approval you will be asked to remove it within 5 days.  After which you will be charged a daily fine until the animal is removed.

How do I handle Trash and Recycling?

Please be sure to place your trash at the curb Monday evening after 2pm and pull your cans back in by Wednesday morning by 8 am. Please take care of your trash as failure to do so will result in fines from JSH as well as the City of Lancaster. All city fines will be passed on to the tenants if JSH is charged. If you live in 442-444 W James, 446-448 W James, 520 N Charlotte or 526 N Charlotte please be sure to use the dumpsters behind your property.  Refer to the Resource page for the City of Lancaster – Trash and Recycling Newsletter. The trash receptacles located at the entrance ways of 520 and 520 North Charlotte are for loose trash that would otherwise be tossed on the ground. Please do not place your unit’s trash bags into the containers.

What do I do if I’m locked out?

Lock Outs During Business Hours: If you are locked out during business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8am thru 4:30PM, Please call (717)-415-0622 or go to office at 448 W. James Street
Lock Outs During Business Hours: If you are locked out during business hours, Monday –
Friday, 8:00am – 4:30PM, Please call (717)-415-0622 ext. 2 or go to the office at 448 W. James

If Landlord opens Leased Premises after accidental lockout, Landlord may charge $15.00 during business hours. If you are locked out of your unit after hours, please call Wizard Lock & Safe Co. or A-1 Locksmith. The fee to unlock your door after hours will not exceed $150.00. If you use another locksmith and they damage the lock or door, you will be billed for the lock/door repair. You will be billed the following business day by our office. Lost keys are replaced by the locksmith and charged to the student on a per incident basis. (i.e. if a front door key is lost then all entrance doors to the building will need to be re-keyed and new keys for all tenants of the building will need to be made).